Prof. Jesse Goff

Name: Jesse P. Goff, DVM, PhD, Professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University, Ames, IA USA


Short introduction:

Currently a professor of biomedical sciences in the veterinary college. I teach a Nutrition class and Physiology to first year students and Dairy medicine to 4th year students. My research has primarily revolved around hypocalcemia in cattle and calcium metabolism across many species. In later years I studied the interaction between the bovine immune system and metabolic disease around the time of calving. This has lead to better ways to prevent hypocalcemia- using low DCAD diets and oral Ca therapies to prevent milk fever. It has also allowed us to better understand the role that immune competence plays in prevention of retained placenta, metritis and endometritis. I also am currently involved in using vitamin D analogs to help restore lower intestinal health in human diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease.

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