Prof. Barry Bradford

Name: Barry Bradford, Professor of Metabolic Physiology, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University


Short introduction:

Dr. Bradford is a Professor of Metabolic Physiology in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University. After completing BS degrees in animal science and agricultural biochemistry (2002), he went on to earn a PhD in dairy nutrition at Michigan State University under the guidance of Dr. Michael Allen. Bradford joined the faculty at Kansas State University in 2006 with a 40% teaching / 60% research appointment, and has subsequently been promoted through the ranks to full professor. Bradford’s research focuses on dairy cattle nutrition and metabolic physiology, with a particular emphasis on translating novel findings in fundamental metabolic physiology to practical applications in animal agriculture. Contributions by Bradford’s group have largely focused on dietary utilization of byproducts in lactation diets, the physiological impacts of systemic postpartum inflammation, and the roles of nutrients as signals. Working closely with 20 graduate students and dozens of collaborators, Bradford has contributed to more than 75 refereed publications and shared those findings in more than 100 invited presentations.

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