VEERkracht Dairy Congress

An inside-outside approach to dairy cow health

It is clear that the focus of veterinary activity is shifting from curative to preventive medicine, which is predominantly based on advisory work. This advisory work is mainly valuable to the farmer if it is accurate, predictive and prospective. This is only possible when the veterinary practitioner has an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and metabolism of the cow.

The VEERkracht group is a group bovine veterinarians in the Netherlands that has adopted this approach strongly based on knowledge of physiology and metabolism in their daily work. It is termed “the inside-outside approach”, which is typically different from the classical “outside-inside approach”.

In doing so, members of the VEERkracht group translate scientific data to their daily work at the dairy farms. The inside-outside approach is being spread by VEERkracht among Dutch bovine practitioners at a small scale. The VEERkracht Dairy Congress is organized to make more bovine practitioners, scientists, and advisors in the dairy industry acquainted with the inside-outside approach, and its beneficial effects on cow health and productivity.


The Congress:

Both Congress days start with a short outline of the inside-outside approach. Why it is so different from the currently adopted outside-inside approach? What are the benefits of the inside-outside approach?

The inside-outside approach is applicable to all stages in the life-cycle of the dairy cow, with its own specific aspects of metabolism and physiology. During the VEERkracht Dairy Congress, attention will be paid to “only” three aspects of the dairy cows biology:

1) negative energy balance

2) mineral imbalance

3) fertility

All three topics will be covered by internationally known keynote speakers who will give their expert view. Each topic is summarized by a speaker from the VEERkracht group who will translate the scientific data into daily practice: “How to approach a farm with problems based on the afore mentioned topics?”


Wednesday January 30th:

This Congress day is assigned “for scientists and practitioners” and limited to only an evening session. It will be a very interesting meeting for everybody who regularly is searching the veterinary scientific literature, is interested in the backgrounds of the (patho)physiology and pathology influencing the dairy cows performance and health, and want to have the opportunity to discuss with some of leading researchers in the veterinary field.

Today, the key-note speakers are more than happy to answer any questions from the audience. It gives a great opportunity to address questions to people who have gained substantial experience in the field of veterinary science, education, and field work. We hope that this “round-table-session” will generate discussion and interaction from which all participants can benefit. The audience can gain more background information on topics of veterinary research, and hopefully the key-note speakers can adopt information from the veterinary field into their future work.

Participants can submit questions in advance to the organization of the Congress through this form. Obviously, it is also possible to save your questions for the evening.

Thursday January 31st:

This Congress day is assigned “for practitioners and scientists”. We are proud to welcome 5 key-note speakers who will present their expert view on a specific topic of dairy cow performance and health. As such the latest opinions will be shared with the audience from a scientific background. These expert opinions will be followed by a translation of this scientific information to daily practice by someone of the VEERkracht group. This translation is embedded in an inside-outside approach of problem solving at the dairy farm.


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