VEERkracht Dairy Congress 2025

What we thought we knew – rethinking dogmas in dairy farming

Insights change. Today in our daily practice, we often continue to do things “because that’s how we’ve always done them.” That’s why the VEERkracht knowledge cooperative for dairy farming has organized another congress. With the help of international experts in dairy nutrition, fertility, and calf rearing, we aim to debunk old dogmas and encourage practitioners to embrace new insights in their work.

The Goal

The VEERkracht Dairy Congress is organized to demonstrate to cattle veterinarians, scientists, nutritionists, and other advisors in dairy farming that understanding the physiology and metabolism is essential to comprehend the root causes of health issues and thus prevent diseases. To be and remain effective advisors, VEERkracht members translate this knowledge into their daily work.

The Congress

Renowned international speakers will debunk the dogmas that most health problems in fresh cows are caused by negative energy balance and that we must treat to maintain fertility. Additionally, the dogma that colostrum administration mainly revolves around IgG will be challenged.

Would you also like to be and remain an effective advisor? Then come to this congress. You are warmly invited on Thursday, February 13, 2025, at Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem.


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