Prof. Dr. Michael Steele

University of Guelph, Canada,  Department of Animal Biosciences

Presentation title: Understanding colostrum is more than just only IgG.

Prof. Michael Steele gained his PhD in Animal Science in 2011, focusing on changes in the rumen epithelium during acute ruminal acidosis. As a Full Professor at the University of Guelph, his research is now focused on early-life, gastrointestinal function and health in the ruminant. He and his team are doing leading research regarding colostrum, determining alternatives to antibiotics and the pros and cons of milk vs. milk replacer.

Feeding colostrum is of utmost importance to optimize the passive immune system of neonatal calves, that is mainly established through the transfer of high amounts of IgG. At least, this has been the dogma for decades. Dr. Steele will make participants of the Veerkracht congress look differently at why we need to feed colostrum. He will elaborate on all the other ingredients in colostrum to support the calf that are at least as important as IgG. All these compounds work together like a finely regulated orchestra to support the survival of the calf, that gets dangerously disturbed by adding antibiotics.

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