Dr. Melanie Schären-Bannert

dr melanie schären bannertClinic for Ruminants and Swine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Leipzig – Germany LVAT – Institute for Animal Breeding and Husbandry, Groß Kreutz – Germany

Presentation title: Managing the healthy and productive dairy cow – From the silo to the feed bunk, through the rumen to the liver – What omics-technologies have taught us.

Managing the healthy and productive dairy cow requires a thorough understanding of her physiology and ensuing needs. Science has helped us develop housing and nutritional concepts to manage the modern high producing dairy cow. Omics technologies, such as microbiomics and metabolomics, are recent technologies that add to that understanding in different ways. Adverse nutritional effects for example influence the metabolome of the liver, interrelating with negative outcomes in animal health and productivity, underlining the importance of the compliance with certain basic principles in feeding and health management of dairy cows. How do we as veterinarians and advisors create awareness for these aspects and transfer them into everyday routine of our farmers/herd managers?


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